Adeptus Titanicus is still on the horizon from some apparent setbacks with a apparently a solid release date now. Three big titans, Warhoud, Reaver, and Warlord will be in plastic as well as some Knights and scenery.

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Not as exciting as I had hoped, but some new on Adeptus Titanicus. Released this year, probably in the fall.

Seminar was talking about the events at beta-garmon, which is the main muster point entering/leaving the segmentum solar. This because the only major safe warp route during the heresy.

Several titan legions and billions of infantry were involved with the attempts to take and control the BG system. This conflict is where the main campaign for Adeptus titanicus will be set at.

There was a fair bit of info given for AT but as it's a 'instore’ release, head office is a lot more strict on info.

Basically the game is scheduled and on target. The planned release date hasn't changed for several months, and will have a considerable release amount in the few months after as well.

FW have the main box, the three main titans (warhound, reaver, and warlord) out in plastic, and several kights (all present FW and GW knights are coming). PLUS plastic scenery and gaming tiles are coming near release as well.

Talking of the titan kits, they will be plastic and have several weapon options in the box, with the kit designed to be magnetised without issue. They will also include several different cosmetic options like the knight kits do (heads, banners, armour plates etc)

FW are planning several resin kits to add legio specific icons, additional weapons, and heads. Most of the new stuff is being sculpted at 28mm scale and scaled down for easy of work, so we could see additional and missing titan weapons coming g for 40k should demand be there.

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Starting in the top left, we have the order space.
The orders on the right go here, but more on orders later.

  • Command - This is the number the titan has to roll to above to get receive orders. 
  • Ballistic Skill - This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit without modifiers.
  • Speed - This has two values, the first is the normal speed.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs.
  • Weapon Skill - This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit in close combat without modifiers.
  • Manoeuvre - The number of turns a titan can make.  This has two values, the first is the normal numbers of turns.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs to get additional turns.
  • Servitor Clades - This is the amount of dice you roll in the repair phase.

Amazingly enough, Rictus was watching the demo (assuming it was the same demo). Here are some of his notes and pics. 

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There looks to be a some great nods going back to the earliest days of the original Adeptus Titanicus, both in the feel of the game and the background material used.

The control panel (can't remember actual name of them) allow you to keep track of everything on your titan. While there is a chance we will get one included with each titan the chances are we'll get a pack of them in the box game and then be able to buy add on packs as you need.

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