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Here are some pictures of my last chaos khorne demon project !

I wanted to have some serious count as for a Soul grinder ! I want it to look like a big demonic khorne knight demonic engine that would stand far above all other miniatures !

The main components are from a ferrocerberus kit (torso , hips , legs and tentacules)  and a lord of skull (armes , weapons , head , and engines)  + lots of green stuff  

I’m hallway to its completion for now

I’m beginning the long work of sculpting  to give its legs their final aspects ( much muscular than now )  and the last and most technical part for this model will be the mechanical tentacles that will make it “float” 1 inch above its base , some going into the ground and popping out aggressively  to contrast with its passive but menacing stance ( you can’t ignore the axe lightly reposing on its shoulder ! )

Hope you enjoy it so far !

Best regards ,


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