Regarding Sisters of Battle Coming anytime soon.

-Not really certain there is anything to this. Although rumors do point to Sisters miniatures being done for quite a long time.

While this doesnt really give any weight to the previous rumor, it does help with a possible narrative.

This was on topic and a response to the previous rumor we were discussing yesterday.

via LordValrak on Bolter and Chainsword
I did a video on this (the Sisters of Battle Rumor) and was sent a PM on the matter, take it as you will:

Hey Valrak. First off, great videos man!
Just watched your sisters video and I have some info you might be interested in about them. Comes from a GW employee and then a GW store owner:
We were supposed to get them before 8th became a thing. But with the whole shipping debacle they've been going through. The sisters got tied up. So they decided to hold off, wait for 8th to drop and just release them in full. Which is why we got some weird releases before the dropping of 8th. They used their "filler" releases.
There it is. Take from it what you will. Have a good one man.

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