The Mortal Worlds have continued to explore and search for power harnessed from the Ethereal Realms. While the Ether is not magic, it part of our existence, the essence that surrounds our worlds and our core beings in Light or Darkness. Once a gift against a common enemy, mortals have continued to pursue Ethereal Powers through Arcane Ritual or Dedicated Prayers and have searched to push their strength, siphoning off the Ether for their own use.

This reckless abuse must stop now......... as the flow of the Ether now Bleeds into reality like a scream across primordial time and space. With the Bleed, mortals access the Ether with a ravenous blind addiction, ever pulling harder and harder, even purposely tearing into the fabric of reality.

The secret of the bleed is beyond the Ether flowing into reality, it is in fact two ways. Powerful emotions from the mortal worlds seep into our dreams, altering who we are with Rage, Despair, and Entitlement. New emotions from the mortal realms have clouded our ways, and yet as a single entity, the Fey are divided upon how to react.

Some embrace the whispers of the Bleed focusing upon new Devotions, while others reject them outright, focus inwards to combine and protect who we are, even combining existing Spheres of into Concordant and Discordant realms of influence.

We are forever changed, and how we deal with the reckless mortals is divided among the Fey. 

  • Many attack recklessly and invade the mortal worlds, slaying entire civilizations with deceit and destruction. 
  • Others see mortals as a tool to be manipulated and desecrated with Corruption and Madness. 
  • Some see the mortal realms as misplaced children, where the Courage and knowledge in the Truth the Fey hold, can help slow if not all together stop the Bleed.
The 2nd Age Beckons. 

Learn More, and prepare for the next update in the Open Beta for the Genesys Project


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