With the Astra Militarum codex coming out on pre-orders, there is now a desire to jump in and get a hold of new miniatures to field Steel Legions, Mordians, etc. However the lack of plastic makes some of these thematically difficult if we are trying to make something truly unique.

In comes Anvil Industries....... their custom Regiments designer is the key youve been looking for. There are tons of bit options, and new ones coming out all the time. I have even used the custom Regiments Designer to see my own combination creations.

Anvil Industries

Custom Squad Builder
This is where you get to choose your torsos, heads, legs, and weapons for your squads!

Regiments Designer
Here you can see your designs... good to go through this and have some fun before making your custom squads above

The best part is that I have always found the quality of the bits and miniatures from Anvil Industries to be excellent. And custom service? Well, I needed some Ballistic Shields so I sent out an quick email to see if any were laying around, and was able to get some sent my way on my next order.

The latest releases has the new Militia/PMC Modern Parts release. Here is the latest update on these

Wave 2 includes the following new body sprues:
Militia Arms with a mix of T-Shirts and rolled sleeve arms. 
Jungle Fighter Arms with mostly bare muscular arms with some T shirts, Rolled sleeves, and small details.
Note that arm sprues 5-8 are the same for both the Militia and Jungle Fighter sets.
Load Vest torsos with mixed equipment
Tactical Beard, Respirator, Watch Cap, and Bullet Proof Mask heads.
New Weapon sprues: M4/M16, AK47 / AK74, MP5 / MP5SD, AR-15 variants, Modern Pistols, Modern SMGs 
New Arm/Weapon sprues: AR-15, P90 

New Equipment/Upgrade Sprues: Modern Equipment Pack, Militia Melee Weapons, Modern Backpacks, Molotovs, Glass Bottles, Modern Rifle Conversion Kit.

Further Products still to come:
The following are parts which we plan to add to the PMC range over the coming months, but we don't have an exact time frame.

Militia Arm Weapon sprues with assorted weapons including the Tavor, G36, Kel-Tec KSG, SA80, AK74 (folding stock)
Various modern support weapons including Sniper Rifles and LMG's
Drone Controller Pack, with various flying and land based drones
Secret Service figure pack
Ghilli Suit figure pack
Female PMC operators
Mountain Equipment pack
Anything else? Suggestions welcome!

Want to see what these are and how they look! Check these images out.....

and then there are these guys that were created for the Genesys Project using custom bits from Anvil Industries. They worked amazingly well for what I needed.

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