The full court press is on from Games Workshop and the Warhammer Community for Shadespire this week. This games works at crossing the boundaries between board game, deck building, and table top miniature games.

To be honest I have been rather "lukewarm" about it's release, as it seems so many of Games Workshops specialists games lately have rather blended together (even though I've liked several of them). My concern is it seems they have flooded the releases over the last year or so with these smaller games, instead of really focusing on them.

So will Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire get support over the years? Its hard to say, but it is unusual to see the this much focus on the game. Ive also been told that a tournament release for clubs and events is going to be available for January of 2018.

Deck Building. To be honest, this is my biggest turn off for the game, as deck building is not my favorite method of gameplay. It does however have a broad appeal (yea I know not everyone is the same as me, and a lot of people love deckbuilding).

I have not played the game, but have watched game play videos and reviews. So the question is.... Do I have enough interest to actually purchase it and play the game? So far I do not, but I am considering it.
What about You?

Im putting up a poll to see what your thoughts are. Its currently located on the top right hand side of the site.

Here are some more reviews and early looks at the game.

The Dice Tower

Board Game

Faeit 212 Community News

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