There are new FAQs that just went live, so I will get a chance to read through them later this afternoon. Here they are for you to check out in the meantime!

via Warhammer Community

Firstly, the updated thermal cannon profile found in Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus has been added to Imperial Knights in Index: Imperium 2 and Renegade Knights in Index: Chaos, allowing everyone to benefit from this newly improved weapon. 
Secondly, there’s a range of clarifications on reinforcement points and how various Stratagems interact with one another – Poxwalkers, for instance, can now grow above their original unit size with Curse of the Walking Pox, while Battle Servitors added to your army via the Fresh Converts Stratagems cost no reinforcement points in matched play (meaning that Agripinaa army is more tempting than ever!)

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