Not tabletop related, but a cool Talisman update from Nomad Games titled the Blood Moon
Expansion. Of the Talisman series, I enjoy Talisman: the Horus Heresy. Figured some of you might like to take a look at this as well.

Official Release Information
Nomad Games Brings in the Night with The Blood Moon Expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition!

2 August 2016, Cheshire, England - Nomad Games is proud to announce the latest expansion The Blood Moon for the popular quest game Talisman: Digital Edition, available now on Steam and Android.

Players will get a scare as The Blood Moon expansion takes the game into a twisted horror theme. If you love classic horror then you will brave the night as creatures come out and hunt in the shadows.

Three new characters will be available for players. However, there is also the deadly Werewolf. This creature will chase players around the board and can be used against each other. The Werewolf adds a fantastic element to the core Talisman ideals which make the game so unique.

This pack comes with an updated 3 new alternate endings for the game, including Lightbearers, the first real co-operative challenge for you and your friends!

If that is not enough, you will be getting 111 New Adventure Cards with this set. New Spell cards are also being added so plan to bring in some dark powers as well.

So begin the hunt for the "Crown of Command" and find yourself caught in the "Witching Hour" or even during a "Fright Night," but worst of all you may encounter the dreaded "Zombie Dragon."

If the Werewolf does not get you, then you must face the horror of the "Black Void."

See you on the board if you survive!

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To celebrate Talisman: Digital Edition is on sale, with up to 50% off on all platforms!

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