Early presents this year, or at least a little time to take a look at deals coming from Games Workshop for the season.

via very good sources here on Faeit 212
I know its early but here are some of the upcoming Christmas Deals from games Workshop. Some are new, some are repacked, some are old :

Citdadel Artificer tint Paint Set: 10 High Pigmented Tints in Various Colors, used to intensify current Paints or shift their hue. includes 10 tints, 3 spreaders and a pack of Stickers. 50$
Citadel Project Paint Set: Includes the Citadel Project Box, 49 Key Colors ranging from Base, Layer, Shade and Dry Paints. Also Includes 4 Brushes. 230$
Citadel Ultimate Paint Set:  Includes all Paints (189). 700$
Tau Tidewall Rampart: Its back again. 160$
Citadel XL Spray Undercoat: Chaos Black and Corax white Undercoat sprays, that are Twice as Big as the regular ones. 25.50$

Remember the Tau Tidewall Rampart?

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