The idea of 40k getting their own plastic Primarchs is a huge deal. The Forgeworld character series is on of my favorites, and to see similar releases in plastic for Warhammer 40k sounds awesome. So Plastic Primarchs coming to 40k and of course the Daemon Primarchs are in these rumors.

Here is the latest.

So does this imply we'll get Daemon-Fulgrim and Daemon-Mortarion at some stage?
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It's like you typed the words right into my keyboard.

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Rubric? Yes. Magnus? Yes. 
Think these have been mentioned before. 
Plastic daemon Angron? Not to my knowledge. 
Next 40K plastic primarch after Magnus should be a loyal one (not Russ, not Prospero related). 

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Tzeentch and Khorne will front the CSM revamp.

The release pattern for CSM should be similar to that of Age of Sigmar, a move away from Chaos Undivided and focusing on what really makes Chaos distinct. Ie; The 4 Gods.

The Cults will be expanded to the point they can form their own mini codexes with the Traitor Primarchs at their head.

"We heard you liked your Rubics with guns, so we gave them swords instead."
Magnus and Angron will be the first Traitor Primarch releases.

That doesn't mean you won't see some Undivided releases. You will, it is a full revamp of the range afterall. Just that releases will be themed ala Age of Sigmar stuff has.

New Kharne means new Bezerkers!? Maybe...
Squiggly: Yes, yes it does.

you're getting new Rubics of several different varieties soon.

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