Here is your latest update for Dropfleet Commander.

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Some key updates including timings:
Firstly, we want to give you an update on where we are at and what the last few steps are. We have every plastic sprue, and every resin model being packed currently into sets and rewards in our warehouse. Along with this, we have all the dice, tapemeasures, pins, dog-tags and UCM credits too, (as well as many other elements). We are just now waiting on a print delivery to arrive in order for us to begin shipping out rewards. This print delivery (all printed in the UK as planned) has been the main reason behind the extended delay to getting all rewards out, but we are committed, above everything, to getting rewards dispatched before any product is sold in a retail environment. We have a lot of your rewards being packed and have been collating all the various elements that feature in each backer reward. Here's a little taster of some of the packing that the team has been doing:

Looking at timing, we are making every effort to have started dispatching rewards in August. Not only this, but we are committed to getting items delivered to you as quickly as possible, as soon as they are dispatched, and all items are being sent via courier (or will be sent via signed tracked shipping methods).

Shipping will take:
 1-2 working days to UK addresses,
 1-3 working days to EU addresses,
 2-3 days to US addresses,
 3-7 working days to ROW addresses (depending on the specific country)

Next is to mention a few key upcoming events:
Dropfleet Pre-Launch Event
Saturday 20th August
South Wales Gaming Centre, Cardiff, UK
This event will be a great day full of demo games, open play and building and painting workshops. Along with this will be a talk from David J Lewis, the creator of the Dropzone Commander universe and the designer behind this new game, about the development of Dropfleet Commander and the plan for releases in 2016 and beyond. We will be taking photos and filming parts of the day where possible and will share these after the event. We were hoping to be able to have products available for this pre-launch event, however due to backers rewards not having been sent out yet, there will not be any retail products for Dropfleet Commander available to purchase or take away at this event. Having said that, we are truly excited for the day, there have been a large number of confirmed attendees, and there will be some great spot prizes and goodies that will be given out throughout the day! More information about this event, can be found here >

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