This week we are seeing a lot more Deathwatch. Here are the details of whats in the boxes.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Deathwatch Killteam: the 5 Deathwatch Veterans that are also inside the Deathmasque Box. 35$
Deathwatch Terminators: 5 Regular Terminator box (shooty) including 3 (!!!) Deathwatch Upgrade kits50$
Deathwatch Librarian in Terminator armor: its the very same model as the Blood Angel Librarian in Terminator armor but it also got the Deathwatch Upgrade kit aswell. fun thing is that its cheaper than the original model: 25$
Deathwatch Chaplain: The one that was inside the Reclusiam Command squad, including a Deathwatch Upgrade kit 25$
Deathwatch Watch Master: 25$
Deathwatch Venerable Dread: the old box but with a Deathwatch Upgrade kit. 39$
Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans: also the old box but with a Deathwatch Upgrade kit. 45$
Corvus Blackstar: The Flier, Costs 65$

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