Yea, I know, this is just asking for it from the community. However, a source close to some very real information here for a long time has given me some percentages of just how the Age of Sigmar is doing currently. Of course the Generals Handbook has really pushed this game with matched play in many peoples eyes (Not all of course, some were already big fans), and the models releases for the game have been very solid.

So please keep this positive in the comment sections. It's OK to like the Age of Sigmar, and it's OK if you don't. The one thing for certain, is that the Age of Sigmar is gaining traction over the last year since it's release. This is good things for the company, and in the long run, most likely a good thing for those of us that play and collect Warhammer miniature games.

I was not told, but I am assuming these numbers were part of a meeting of sorts and are relatively current.

via very solid sources on Faeit 212
AoS makes 35% or GWs Sales.

Comparing to Fantasy ?
Before it was squatted WFB was ~5% (and therefore lower than paints & tools)

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