I know many of you are waiting on the Core Rules Release for the Genesys Project, but don't fear, they are just a few days out. Along side this there will be an update to the Humanoid Primarius. Oh yea, and the little teaser above. That too.

Heck while we are at it, I might as discuss something that has come up regarding the game. Its been suggested here (on one late night in particular of just getting things done), that HeroPlay be added to how to set up the game.

So lets quickly talk about this, because I am a little excited about it. (this has nothing to do with the image above, that is a separate teaser). Now HeroPlay is a low point game that includes a different type of play. You guessed it...... Heroes. These an additional way to set up your game where both players bring their unique class to the table along with a couple individual Leaders. There is a little more to it than that, but the idea being smaller model count heroic games.

Now what is driving this is something else being worked on. A optional narrative event system that is optimally a mix of normal games and of course HeroPlay games as well. It's all within the same Genesys game system, and while we don't have a title for it yet, its a flexible system that allows you to create your own narrative during any of the ages.

Set up a series of games between you and your gaming group. Follow a series of escalating games to complete the open ended narrative. The goal of course is creating a fun and rewarding campaign event set within the Ages of Genesys that is interactive and creates or follows a plot line set up by the players.

Mission rewards are pooled together for this sort of event, meaning there is high rewards and high risk from taking part.

These two styles of play are meant to overlap and both be used during the life of your Race and gameplay. Neither would be exclusive to the other, and both are integrated into the Core Rules to allow for you to advance your race.

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