New Today from Games Workshop is a lot more Deathwatch, including the new flyer Corvus Blackstar, and a lot more. Kill teams, Vanguard Veterans, Venerable Dreadnought, and much more. Its a good week to be starting your Deathwatch collection, here is what is new.

New From Games Workshop Today

Corvus Blackstar £40
Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought £30
Deathwatch Terminators £30
Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans £28
Deathwatch Kill Team £22
Deathwatch Watch Master £15
Deathwatch Chaplain £15
Deathwatch Librarian in Terminator Armour £18

Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch £15
Deathwatch: The Last Guardian (CD audio drama) £12
How to Paint Deathwatch (ePub) £5.99

Watch Company £214
Corvus Dropship Wing £120
Strategium Command Team £99
Venator Kill Team £57
Furor/Malleus Kill Team £52
Dominatus Kill Team £50
10-Man Kill Team £44

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