The new White Dwarf is getting out to people as we speak, and one of our sources has listed out exactly what is in it.

You can also check out leaked images here

via sources on Faeit 212
I got the chance to take a quick peak at the new WD and boy is this 
thing full of stuff.

Tons of articles about everything hobby: Release Review and Preview, 
Fluff, Army collections, Building and painting (Deathwatch kitbashs, how 
to do battle damage) and small retrospective at the old WDs and of 
course a massive Battlereport

The Boxed Games Rules section is MASSIVE:
- 3 new Heros for Gorechosen
- 1 New Mission for Space Hulk
- 1 New Missions and Achievements for Execution Force
- 2 New Heros for Silvertower
- Rules for Terminators in Lost Patrol
- 6 (!) Scenarios for B@C
- a whole new Killteam for Overkill!

everything comes designed in the games specific Data Cards so you can 
copy and print out.

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