There has been a lot said about this week's releases, Traitor's Hate. Lets look at what we know, and get all of this in one place. Plus of course a new source chiming in about what he has heard is in the new book.

New saturday 10 September
Void Shield Generator €85,-
Khârn the Betrayer €29,-
Traitor's Hate €39,-
Heretic Astartes Psychic Powers Cards €10,5

via a reader on Faeit 212
I've been told by a mate of mine that the new Chaos book will combine both  
Crimson Slaughter and Black Crusade formations into one book. It will also  
allow Kharn to be taken in both Chaos and KDK lists, and that CSM will also  
get 4 new psychic powers akin to the ones that the Marines got in AoD.

Here is Additional information for this weeks releases that are important.

via Warhammer 40,000 Facebook
We saw the new Khârn model earlier this week, courtesy of Warhammer TV.
But a champion with as legendary a reputation as The Betrayer needs an equally legendary war.

And here’s what’s on the way — Traitor’s Hate, a campaign book that chronicles one of the opening battles of the 13th Black Crusade.
For Warhammer 40,000 fans, this is a huge event in the timeline of the galaxy, but for Chaos Space Marine fans, this is even more: the start of a vengeance 10,000 years in the making.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Kharn the Betrayer is a new release but not the free gift, coming alongside a new supplement that contains new rules for CSM, including Renegade Knights etc. It is called "Traitor's Hate" and has a Black Crusade label on it.

The Void Shield Generator... yes, it is back in september - and its plastic! Same model as the limited one.

via aracerssx, originally from 4chan;
Well, saw the Traitor's Hate stuff and talked about it to the redshirt. Supposedly it has datasheets for all renegade knight patterns seperatly instead of the single one from the box, i.e. Warden, Crusader and so on. Dedications are in.
Kharn will get a new datasheet, but will mostly stay the same except for one change. Maybe the rumored Eternal Warrior, the guy refused to clarify that. He can be taken in CSM and KDK.
Black Legion meta formation is the usual decurion stuff. Several formations combine daemons and CSM. It's all about BL and CS, so no stuff for other legions.
The psychic disciplines are not god-specific and availiable to all psykers.

Names of the new heretic Psychic Disciplines.
Ectomancy (mmm, Ecto Cooler)

Rumored Heretech power:
Howl of the Warp
Warp Charge 2
Blessing targeting a friendly unit within 18"

Unit's ranged weapons become AP3, Gets Hot

These are via Scanner

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