The Nova Open Charitable Foundation is sharing some pics of the Archaon model Games Workshop is donating to the raffle. So yes, this model can be yours, and who really would not want it. Tickets are $5 each, and you do not need to be present to win.... This means yes you, anywhere in the world with a deliverable address can win this.

The proceeds to go Doctors without Borders. Great Cause, Unique Opportunity that Wont Come Again.

via NOCF:
Archaon arrived in its own Citadel 'Ard Case.

Close Ups Worthy of GW!  Archaon travels in its own Citadel ‘Ard Case ($135 value). Check out their VIDEO for evidence of sword-proof protection!  The value of this enormous, one-of-a-kind, first-time offer – whose very creation was documented on Warhammer TV, cannot be measured in mere dollars and cents. To own this sculpture requires only that you support Doctors Without Borders by purchasing tickets! The NOCF is counting on the generosity of the Worldwide Tabletop Wargamers to make this the first of many!   BUY TICKETS HERE.

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