Konflict 47' is a new game from Warlord Games and they have a whole list of releases for the game coming through the end of the year. So lets take a look at it.


Allied Grizzly Medium Walker
German Schreckwulfen
German Heavy Infantry with LMGs
Spinne Light Panzermech
German Nachtjager
US Heavy infantry
M4A9-T (Sherman with Tesla Cannon)
Panzer IV-X (Schewerefeld Projektor)

Allied Coyote/Guardian Light Walker
Soviet Heavy Infantry (Preview blister)
British Armoured Infantry (Preview blister)

German Totenkorps
German heavy sniper & Panzerschreck teams
US Mudskipper Jump Walker

Konflikt 47 Soviet Starter Set
Konflikt 47 British Starter Set
Soviet Heavy Infantry Section (Box Set)
British Armoured Infantry Section (Box Set)
Soviet Siberian Terror Squad

Faeit 212 Community News

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