This very much confirms what the previous source was saying, and gives some pricing to go along with the pre-orders.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
This should help confirm some of the pre-orders this week.

Traitors Hate
£30, €39, AT€40, US$50, CA$60, Aus$83, NZ$98
Listed as a Campaign supplement and update to Codex Space Marines
New Rules and 11 new formations and a new detachment
New Tactical Objectives
Khorne Lord of Skulls datasheet
4 New Heretic Astartes Psychic Disciplines
Rules for Renegade Knights

Plot: A CSM invasion of the Diamor System and storyline of its defense led by the Blood Angels

Heretic Astartes Psychic Power
£8, €10.50, US$13.50, CA$16, Aus$22, NZ$26,
28 Psychic Power Cards
Sinistrum, Heretech, Ectomancy and Geomortis disciplines from Traitor's Hate
-chaos versions of the Adeptus Astartes disciplines in Angels of Death

Void Shield Generator
 £60, €85, US$100, CA$120, Aus$170, NZ$200
Contains rules

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