Additional 40k/30k Thousand Sons Information.... Box Game: Fenris Completion with Sisters of Silence and More.

At the moment there is tons of images floating around, and we are trying to figure out what this new sprue is. Here is something just sent into me.

Please take this with Salt. No idea atm just how much.

via a reader on Faeit 212
from 4chan,

its ahirman and part of the upcoming Hh box set this xmas time. Gw are going to launch both a 40k assault and 30k assault at same time. Both will deal with Thousand sons and Space wolves. 
In 40k (remember this is just a compilation of the strongest and reliable but still with salt rumourseers):
Plastic Magnus
Plastic rubric marines
Completion of the fenris campaign.

In 30k
Plastic HH game with Plastic ahirman, mk3 marines, sisters of silence and custodes.

See the leaked images here