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5000 point horus heresy game with time-lapse video.

A few months ago me and the guys went down to Warhammer world for a mini Horus heresy tournament amongst ourselves over a weekend.  We decided to finish it with a massive 3v3, traitor v loyalist, mega game busting out our entire HH collections, or at least all the stuff we could fit into the cars to get there.

The game lasted a significant number of hours, with the entire battle hinging on the final combat between Mortarion and about a quarter of the entire loyalist army, Mortarion was brought down to just 2 wounds (he is incredibly hard to kill) but by surviving he secured victory for the traitors!  We played using tactical cards and the loyalists managed to put together a hand that combined with the primarch and warlord rules would have made him worth up to 15 points if he died.

I also had my camera going the entire time taking around 3000 photos that I put together to make a time-lapse.  Found here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqWI-Sw4lWI


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