Lord Inquisitor is a full fledge fan made CGI Warhammer 40,000 movie. The Prologue for the movie is going to be released on August 28th. This is not the full movie like I have seen reported elsewhere. The full movie will be released in the second quarter of 2017.

We first reported on this years ago, and finally, beyond the trailers we are going to see some serious progress. If you have not seen the trailers they are down below. More importantly though is some of the more recent work with 3D models that Erasmus has been posting up on his Facebook page.


    Lord Inquisitor: Servo Skull
    by Erasmus
    on Sketchfab

    Lord Inquisitor: Imperial Fists model
    by Erasmus
    on Sketchfab

With over 70,000 fans on Facebook, The Lord Inquisitor is one of the most popular non-commercial film projects to date. Set in the dystopian universe of Warhammer 40,000, The Lord Inquisitor focuses on Marcus Allenbrisk – a young Inquisitor hunting demonic threats within the Imperium of Man and already aspiring to become the next fully-fledged Lord Inquisitor.

The project was started in 2010 by Erasmus Brosdau – a Senior 3D Artist and now Art Director at Crytek. Looking for a challenge to test his skills, experience, and creativity, he chose to create a short movie based on the Warhammer 40,000 property – a universe already famous for its dark gothic sci-fi themes and ambiance.

Without any concrete ideas, a blog was started, ideas were gathered, and 3D models were made. As the updates on the blog grew in number, so did the amount of project followers. Eventually, in late 2011, a trailer was released showcasing the current state of development. It quickly garnered over one million views on YouTube.

This trailer marked the true start of the actual project and helped cultivate a small, highly focused team. With the blessing of Games Workshop, The Lord Inquisitor is project for the fans, by fans, setting the grim-darkness of the forty-first millennium to film.

Old Trailers and Teasers

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