Kill Team was a digital download back one edition, and its one that I really liked playing. Quick fast action, and individual models become important (for the most part). Well, it's getting updated and comes with a Tau Strike Team and a Space Marines Tactical Squad. The best part....... 40 pounds!
(sorry I had originally mislabeled the price as dollars)

OK, Im sold.

via Grot Orderly
I got some fresh news for you.
Kill Team boxed game is coming out!

Last time we saw it was 6th edition with rules to play small games and all.

This time we will get:
- A space marines tac squad (the standard one)
- Tau fire warrior strike team (the standard one)
- Small format 40k rule book
- 32 page soft back Kill Team rule book - skirmish tweaks (updated version of the 6th edition rules, expanded rules for team leaders and specialists, missions and inspirations)

Cost: 40 pounds!

It will be out for sale on 3rd September.

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