There has been a ton of work going into the game lately, as the Core Rules are being gone through, updated, and getting prepared for release. Of course there is also a lot of work being done on a few areas, like the 2nd age, other life domains.... like the Fey.

I wanted to touch on a couple of things, especially since I have seen some great races built out of the Humanoid Primarius that was recently released. There were a couple trends or questions I wanted to address.

Progression through the Ages
First off, through gameplay bonuses, you are able to replace traits (especially those technology traits) as you progress into the second and third age. So you are not stuck with first age traits during the following ages of game play. This is a trend I have seen on a couple of builds that I thought should be mentioned.

The second... Undead. Yes they are in the game, but are a ways out as a complete racial option. The reason being is that the Undead (not just skeletal or zombie like animations which can be done in the current Humanoids primarius) are Humans that have really delved into forbidden lore. They have pushed the limits of immortality stepping into the realms of the Fey. Their bodies have died encasing their spirits or souls into a dead shell of a body, and they have in reality crossed the threshold of the living, and become immortal. Because of this, they are handled in the Fey book.

And yes, it will be possible to cross that threshold as your race evolves during campaign game play. So your nice race of living humanoids, can literally cross books, and become that race of Immortal Titan Liches that you have been dreaming of.

Updates Coming
Next, there has been a few updates in the humanoid primarius as well that will be posted soon. These relate to questions, and comments that have come up. The most notable is in regards to Resistances, adding in options for environmental weaknesses to the traits. This way you can have a weakness to cold, to get a big point cost reduction for having resistances to fire.

Consider the Humanoid Primarius at this point to be a living breathing document. The goal of course is to push the Genesys Project into a very solid and great game. So your comments and questions are always welcome.

The Second Age and Core Rulebook
The current plan, is to keep on pushing through the Core Rulebook, and into the Second Age for Humanoids. While the Core Rulebook was actually completed about a year ago, its going through updates, to make sure that it is current and going through a little re-organization. I still plan on it coming out within a couple weeks. I am hoping even next week, since really its not a re-write or anything new being added to it.

The Second Age for Humanoids is going through some added work. So this will take some time, but I expect it coming this out this fall. The third age of course will also come out shortly thereafter. Humanoids make up a very large percentage of what I think people will be playing (easiest to model), and I want to to carry the Genesys Project through the third age, before we talk about what is next.

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