There has been a lot of wondering what will be next, especially with Steve the Warboss's release schedule not really having nothing else listed for April. However, next week we will be seeing the final week of Skitarii, which takes us through most of the month. There seems to be one week in between a Warhammer Fantasy 9th edition starter set on the 24th, but that could very well be a lead into the new Fantasy Edition, or the book itself. I for one am beyond curious to see where the End Times leaves the game in the new edition.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Tozudos a Dieces

Translation by google, done by the guys over at Spikey Bits.

“Greetings to all.

Back to you from my slumber to inform you of something that has come to me from very reliable sources. You know that if you see no update Stubborn to Dieces is because we have a bomb.

Contents of the box ninth edition. April 24 in pre-ordering. All minis are new and bring the rules into and round bases.

-Chaos: Two characters, one exclusive; five miniatures cavalry, ten warriors of Chaos, Chaos demons d5, some kind of monster Chaos.

-Light: Two characters 10 holy warriors 10 warriors of the new faction, five holy knights on horseback, dwarf war machine.

In light faction minis grail knights appear.

This is the information that we can bring you. Keep you informed.”

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