Couple things today... First its Easter, and I wanted to wish everyone that celebrates it a Happy Easter. I hope everyone has a good day, I know mine is spent with family and friends. It's a big celebration even with family coming all the way in from Edmonton Alberta.

Second I wanted to point out a correction in yesterday's article. I already posted it, but sometimes these things get missed on already posted articles. I took nightfury's comments about a possible Demiurg codex a little beyond what was said. His reference was meant to be suggestive that with Skitarii being released, anything was possible.

So apologies on my end for not trying to clarify with him before going live with it.
The article in question is here.

A Crash at 60+ into a game store front. 
They were able open yesterday, and I wanted to say a big thanks to any readers that either made it out there, offered there support, or even made an order from Red Castle Games. Adding to those that are interested there is another security camera showing the debris flying from a different angle.

Also a big thanks to Guardian Games for showing public support for Red Castle Games and donating to the recovery effort.
 The original article was here

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