Dark Age has been going crazy with new releases for April, a new sub-faction, along with previews of what is most likely a May release preview. OK, this means I am behind on Dark Age, but don't fear, this catches me up for moment. I know a good friend of mine is getting his abominations ready for battle with working led's.

April Releases
Forsaken(Prevailers): The Repentant(2): $14.99
Skarrd Blood Cult: Blood Abomination: $59.99
Salt Nomads: Caravan Keeper: $12.99
Salt Nomads: Thornwinds(2): $14.99
Outcasts: Brute Pusher: $12.99
Outcasts: Brute #1 $12.99
Outcasts: Brute #2: $12.99
Outcasts: Brute #3: $12.99

Also a new Sub-Faction!!!! and its Brood
We're proud to announce the newest Sub-Faction being (re)Introduced into the game!
They have definitely been one of the most secretive factions on all of Samaria, playing a major role in most of the recent events that have shaped the world- though knowledge of their existence is a closely guarded secret, both within the faction and to those outside it.
You could even say they are a bit... Shadowey...
So, without teasing you any further, I now present to you:


Also New models were revealed on the Dark Age Facebook page. Perhaps coming in May?

The Frenzied will soon be unleashed...

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