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Dropfleet Information and Pictures Arrive!!!

There are images now from Salute of the new Dropfleet Commander models. These have been revealed for the first time at Salute 2015, and we have some information for the first time ever... just what this game will be about.... Orbital Combat.

Think of it this way... space is a big place, and if there is going to be a battle its not going to be out in the middle of nowhere, its going to be where the fight matters, over the planets.

There are more pictures here, and I have reposted a couple below, but head over to Orbital Bombardment to see even more pics from Salute for both Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet.

thank you to the readers that went to salute that were able to provide pictures and information.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
-Orbital Combat Game -not deepspace
-The tabletop is a piece of a planet fighting above
-Interaction with the ground. Ground defenses, space stations, and orbital bombardments

The Game Plays in Layers
High Orbit
Low Orbit

Scanner Ranges and Energy Signatures are used for shooting mechanics. Game features including running silent, missiles, counter measures, pinging enemy ships,

End of this year, early next year for release date.

via another reader here on Faeit 212
Managed to talk to Dave about the game, he said that it would be more realistic than BFG so no ramming or boarding actions, missions would mostly involve dropping stuff onto planets. 

He added that since in space weapons would have near infinite range they would be introducing an energy signature mechanic where every ship has a scanner range and an energy signature, and certain actions like complex manoeuvres or firing weapons would increase the energy signature and make them easier to target. I jokingly asked if it would be ready by Summer/Xmas and he said it might be out by Xmas. I can't wait.


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  1. GW Imperial Knight teaser is up:

    1. Thanks Sahra, I already have the article ready. Just a few minutes until the Imperial Knight teaser video+ release information goes live.

  2. That's looking really promising. I love me some space combat, this might lead me astray from Firestorm Armada.

  3. Sounding cool.
    This, the newer Firestorm Armada and the upcoming Halo game could well mean space fleet battles are a "thing" again, they've been in limbo for a while with the early incarnation of Firestorm and Full Thrust keeping us ticking over but doing nothing significant. Happy days.

  4. Looks superbly. Much like a modern Version of Battlefleet Gothic in a brighter Scifi universe. That aside way nicer scale than the oddly large firestorm bricks, Spartan is "producing".

  5. pretty good, more spaceships games are welcome. I like the detail and the scale, is a pity that the land game miniatures are so ugly in comparison

  6. I managed to pick up a preproduction UCM ship in metal on the day. Very nice indeed. Looking forward to it

  7. At first, my thought Orbital Combat, was a NO THANK YOU. Now maybe, it's something different. Then seeing the ships. I think I may have just changed my mind.