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New DzC Command Units... All Factions

Its time to check out the new Dropzone Commander Unit Models that were just released for each of the factions. The rules have been out for some time now on the Hawk Wargames site, and you can see them at this link.

Here is a detailed look at each of the new models.

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  1. The new models look great, all the detail is just as expected from Hawk Wargames.
    As a PHR player I am disappointed in the Nemesis rules after about a half dozen playtests (1500pts), for two reasons.
    1) It doesn't offer anything to encourages a different playstyle as compared to the usual Zeus/Odin combo. The point costs are similar (with the Zeus' Neptune), and both options are nearly equally as tough (I actually think the Zeus option is tougher if played right). The Nemesis has slightly better firepower with better range, Zeus/Odin/Neptune is faster and easier to hide. I would have preferred a new command unit that would offer something different from the usual slow but tough. The new command units for other factions have opened up whole new builds and filled different roles, for PHR its more of the same.

    2) The Nemesis suffers from one-shot-syndrome. Sure the E10 railguns are there, but the big draw is the Laser. After using this thing I understand the UCMs frustrations with the Kodiak prior to the most recent update. The Laser just isn't reliable enough against Shaltari, units in cover, and skimmers, and most of my opponents have lost their fear of it after a couple games.

    I'm sticking with my Zeus/Odin/Neptune for command, and a Hades for my big walker fix. If unlimited range was that important we would be packing Hyperions... but no one really does that. Hint hint.

  2. How long did it take to learn the rules in comparison to 40k? Thinking of changing systems

    1. Much easier to learn IMO. It has great tactical depth based on a relatively simple ruleset, not nearly as many special rules to memorize as 40k. I also switched from 40k.

    2. I agree with what Creeping Dementia just said, and I will add to it.

      Its a great game, and I have been hooked ever since my first demo with the game.

      When I first watched a game between two other people, it was just another game and I barely paid attention. I liked the models, it looked fun and interesting, but it wasn't 40k. thats just me though, and after my first demo I was hooked line and sinker.

      The rules will seem easy to pick up, and while they are solid, its not where DzC shines. Its in the tactical balance of game play. While list building is always important, movement and on the table choices make or break you.

      While I have played in blow out games, these are very rare, and most games end up being a hard won fight until the very last round.

      The guys at Hawk Wargames have video tutorials on game play, how their models are designed to be painted, etc.

      In general I get in at least two games a month of DzC.

    3. Nice. Thanks guys I think I'll be picking up a some stuff my next pay

    4. Two player starter is the most affordable way into the game if yu gave a friend that is also interested. Also plastic starter sets for the man four factions

    5. Phone auto corrections killing me. Look into the plastic starter sets

    6. Lol I got what you meant. Learning to read phone is another hobby all together :) thanks again I'll probably grab the two player one.