There is a quote from tomorrow's White Dwarf that is interesting regarding Ravenguard. While I dont have the magazine, I have gotten a couple reports of it speculating that it means something Ravenguard may be in the works, and I think some attention should be brought to it.

Here is what it is saying.

via an anonymous source
Page 11, under Further Reading....bottom right.
The text lists a bunch of Ravenguard novels to read, and then comes forward and says.... That lot should see you right for the next few weeks.

While vague, it could be regarding another Black Library release or book, or something else entirely. Either way, it might be worth mentioning.

Also I have had a couple anonymous sources now mention White Scars getting some attention, but with no details yet to speak of.

could it be that a rumored Space Marine Chapter update of some sort is in the works?

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