It's Friday and later today the White Dwarf will be available for all to see. As it is, the rules for the new terrain pieces are in this week's magazine, and have of course been taking their course around the internet.

Here is a quick look at the pages in the White Dwarf that have the rules for both of the new terrain pieces.
You can also find a full video of the magazine at the link with an almost page by page view.

Plasma Obliterator
It's a medium building with 14 armour all around and has a Plasma Obliterator emplaced.

Plasma Obliterator 72" s:7 ap:2 primary weapon 1, massive blast gets hot

Plasma overheat special rule: if the building suffers a glancing hit due to the plasma Obliterator gets hot rule, then in addition to any other effects any unit embarked in the building suffers d3 wounds. These are randomly allocated.

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