The formations from tomorrows release of the Skitarii codex are leaked as people are starting to get the new book now. There are 4 listed here in these leaks, although they are in German.

The names of them are Battle Maniple, War Cohort, Sicarian Killclade, and the Ironstrider Cavaliers. Lets take a quick look at what is in each one... and possibly someone can translate.

Here is a link to the site hosting the leaked images,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus-bilder-formationsregeln-aus-dem-codex-skitarii,id42425.html

Battle Maniple 
1 Skitarii Vanguard
1 Skitarii Rangers
1 Sicarian Rustalkers
1 Sicarian Infiltrators
1 Ironstrider Ballistarii
1 Onager Dunecrawler

War Cohort
3 Battle Maniples

Sicarian Killclade
3 Sicarian Ruststalkers
1 Sicarian Infiltrator

Ironstrider Cavaliers
2 Sydonian Dragoons
1 Ironstrider Ballistarii

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