The Dropzone Commander Event Exclusive model- the Escape Pod is now available as an extra for orders over a certain amount on their website. These are cool models, excellent for focal points that are not inside buildings. The reason they are offering them now as extras?..... Its because there will be a new event only model in the very near future.

via Hawk Wargames - Facebook
In the run up to Salute 2015, we wanted to present a special, Web-store exclusive offer that will only be available in the run-up to Salute. We’re offering a special promotion for the remaining 2014-15 show only model - our Escape Pods. We will be giving away one of these free with each order over £120 from today (7th April) up to the 25th April. These will be available only while stocks last – once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. This will then herald the new show only model... but more on this in the run up to Salute!

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