The idea of round bases taking over for Warhammer Fantasy has been met mostly with resistance, frustration, and on occasion.... acceptance. So is Warhammer Fantasy going to move to round bases in the next edition? Today we have an official GW Customer Service statement that answers the question...... sort of.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
here is an official GW customer service statement from April 7th concerning 
the round base rumour:

Q: People claim that Warhammer Fantasy will switch to round bases in the 
upcoming edition. Is this true?

A: Of course, we can't comment on rumours, but if we got a pound for every 
false rumour we have heard over the years we would be very rich indeed.

We supply all our miniatures with the bases that we think suit them best, 
but they are your miniatures, so you can always base your miniatures 
however you want, and we wont complain.

Kind regards
Games Workshop Customer Service

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