The questions regarding Doctrina Imperatives have come up, and figured it was time to look into it to find some answers.

Doctrina Imperatives are divided into two categories. Protector Imperatives and Conqueror Imperatives.

According to the Glossary in the digital codex....
Protector Impeatives increase the armies ability during the shooting phase
Conqueror Imperatives will make armies more proficient in the assault phase.

The actual abilities are basically 3 Imperatives each, that I have heard can increase either BS or WS respectively by +1, +2, or +3. Each usable once per game. Using an increase in BS also lowers your WS and vice versa.

While the full rules are not available, its interesting on whether snap firing will be affected. In the glossary there is no mention of it, so my guess is atm is no. Although, each Imperative very much states "Until the Start of Your Next Turn".

So what is your take on it?
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