Tyranids are a few weeks out, and the rumors are flowing a little thick. Here is the latest according the sources on Bols that include Tyranid Warriors, Harpy's, and some release bits.

Please remember that these are rumors and require a little extra salt.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Tyranid Warriors
Tyranid Warriors available in both HQ (Tyranid Prime)and Troops. 
- HQ Warriors function as the Prime's retinue, and do not deploy separately. 
- Prime + Retinue may deploy in a Mycetic Spore.

Troops Warriors are mostly unchanged.
Updated Biomorphs. 
Adrenal Glands is much improved.
Warriors cheaper in points. (75pts base for unit).

- Arm design is similar to the Forgeworld Harridan.
- Wings attach to the body via 2 sets of arm slots.
- Back 2 pairs are for the wings.
- First pair of arms is reserved for various weaponry/gribblies.

Release Basics
The total release contains 9 new kits, 3 clamshells. ZERO Finecast.

At least 1 new unit per FOC category.

Tyranids may ally with themselves. Their ally FOC is as follows: 1HQ and 2 Troops default, plus optional 1 Elites, 1-2 troop, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support.

Biomorphs are in a seperate codex section in categories, with various Tyranid creatures having access to different categories.  Biomorph categories are:
- Basic biomorphs
- Rare biomorphs
- Psychic-Leader biomorphs
- Unique biomorphs (only 1 each per army)

Units Rumors
Ymgarl Genestealers retain their ability to assault out of their hidden location.

Lictors only allow snap shots plus gain a hefty cover save when they are unveiled.

Raveners and Hormagaunts are Beasts.

Hormagaunts come equipped with Fleet by default.

Genestealers gain an A, and WS bonus.

Carnifex gains a T bonus, and may take virtually every biomorph in the codex (bringing back all those plastic bits from the kit into use.)

Trygon Primes move to HQ.

Venomthropes and Lictors are purchased in broods of 1-3 per FOC slot, but deploy and operate independently on battlefield.

New dedicated Transport big bug. May purchase a twinlinked set of heavy weapons, Transport capacity of 20 small bugs. Counts as an opened top vehicle for assault purposes.

Another "new" big bug is a direct import from EPIC with it's name unchanged.

Trygon & Raveners digital dataslate from GW Digital the same month as the codex release with a formation allowing Raveners to assault out of the Trygon's Deep Strike tunnel.

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