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Forgeworld Release: Night Raptors

Forever I am a fan of the Night Lords and Forgeworld earlier today has released some new models, Night Raptors. These look nice, and would be a great addition to any Night Lords armies looking to add some jump infantry.

via Forgeworld
The Night Raptors are a caste apart from the Night Lords Legion – not so much a martial elite as a bloody coterie of murderers wedded together by similar proclivities and chosen styles of warfare. The Night Raptors are equipped with jump packs and an array of close combat weapon, all of which they use to bring unfettered savagery down upon the heads of their foes in a single overwhelming onslaught. 

Night Raptors: £36.00

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  1. Fugly as hell, I wonder if it was sculptor's intention. I hoped for FW to make old-style raptors miniatures for WH30K, but my hope was ruined yesterday.

    1. Good. I thought I was the only one who felt that.

  2. Yeah, their legs and shoulders look really awkward. Not a fan.

  3. Yeah, their legs and shoulders look really awkward. Not a fan.

  4. I need to see a higher res pic, but their helmets look bucktoothed... sharp, pointy buckteeth, but buckteeth none the less :/

  5. shoulda came out with a dataslate making raptors worth taking so they could sell some of them.

    seems like filling a gap in the market that doesn't exist.

  6. They looked really awesome up close. The photos and paint job don't do justice to the details which were visible on the bare model in the GD cabinets.

  7. I'm kinda disappointed I was really looking forward to these, tho I'll reserve my final judgment till I see better pics. I wish their was a better pic of the Chainglaive also. Compared to the World Eaters Rampager Squad these are a extreme let down so far.

  8. Its the flesh colored gloves that is throwing tje models off.

  9. Oh I don't know guys. I like them. For a legion that has just been let off the leash I think they kinda work. The poses are little awkard though.