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Simply Amazing New Preview

This one is going to catch us all off guard. A new preview for a new scenario pack coming, and its an orbital defense model. Check out the size of that compared to the UCM tank pictured.

This is a bonus preview, probably because Dave just couldnt contain himself any longer. He is very passionate about his game, and keeping something this cool under wraps was probably going to kill him.

via Hawk Wargames
25. Bonus Preview! Orbital Defence Laser for Scenario Pack.

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  1. Guh I need to save money for this game. It looks so cool!

  2. this is awesome. now to get my FLGS to get the sets in the store! NYC here.

  3. Hawk Wargames is gonna be BIG!

    How do I invest? (Aside from buying their products?...)

    I was going to get the Starter Set for my 16 yr old daughter for Christmas, but it's been on back order from the distributed to the only LGS in the PHX Valley that carries it, so no dice, I had to go with the X-Wing starter, which isn't a terrible compromise in and of itself, but not what I wanted.

    I WILL get into this game at some point. I don't think the company is going to be going away anytime soon...

  4. Oooo! Oooo! Not sure if you've posted about the Christmas Bundle from Hawk Wargames or not, Natfka, but it looks awesome! And with free shipping, and my birthday in 10 days, I'm going for it!!! I'll just tell my wife that this is going to be my birthday present, as I don't think she has anything for me yet.

    But hurry! The offer is only good thru January 3rd (which happens to be my birthday!).

    1 copy of the 2 Player Starter Set
    2X small card storage box, 1 with custom cut foam for UCM, 1 with foam for Scourge
    1 small KR shoulder bag
    £100, which comes out to $163.63 at today's exchange rate. Add a few bucks for the currency exchange fee from my bank, and that's a great birthday present!!!