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Holy Gun: New Shaltari Heavy Skimmer

This thing has a gun on it, just in case you missed it on top of the skimmer. Wow, a heavy skimmer for the Shaltari is today's Dropzone Commander reveal. I am probably a little too excited for these new releases to hit, as I think Dave has been burning the midnight oil again, sculpting what will be great additions to the game.

By the way, if you look closely the skimmer has turrets underneath that huge gun.

Dropship Commander

via Hawk Wargames Facebook
19. Shaltari preview. A heavy skimmer for the Shaltari with long-range anti-tank weaponry.

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  2. I'll just be super happy if Shaltari can get a super heavy walker like the Hades.

  3. Because what the Shaltari needs is super long range AT...

  4. So, Natfka, you've gotten me interested in playing DCZ, particularly the Post Human Republic. Now they, of course are not in the starter box, which looks like an amazing deal and something I would probably sink money into anyway just because of that. Do you have any recommendations for an aspiring newbie?

    1. If you are looking at the PHR, look at their PHR Starter Army. This is the same equivalent as any of the other starter armies point wise and army wise. You will be able to play people getting the starter box set right off the bat.

    2. when you expand past that, look at some heavy walkers, a command unit, and some fast moving flyers. That normally takes you to about 1000pts.

      This is the same army building strategy for any faction.

    3. Sounds good. I think, for now I'll get the starter kit and, if I don't like the starter armies, I'll sell one and put the money towards a phr army. Thanks!

  5. As a fellow DZC newbie I can say that the starter is best place. Not only can you use it to learn the rules and draw mates into it but show the biggest Mass Effect fan you know the Scrouge Despoiler and yo'll have them hooked.