In general I have always avoided the big expensive guys for my games. When Logan Grimnar and Mephiston came out, I generally passed over them, as rediculas expensive, and often down right dumb if they were taken. I will have to say that I even thought this way up until very recently.

If you follow this blog, even casually, you will know that I like to use Asdrubael Vect. It was him that changed my tune on using these super HQ characters. I have faced in tournaments Logan Grimnar and Mephiston and tbh, they really did not not last long. In standard games I have had Eldrad ruin my day, laughed at super giant necron gods, used Vect to rip the heart of my opponent, used Lord Castellan Creed for tactical advantages, taken down the mighty Marneus Calgar, and another myriad of characters that I wont take the time to dig out of my fading memories. With the latest FAQ's there has been restoration to several armies, and a new emergence of old characters.

Once I maintained 7 different armies, and I can say I am much happier trimmed down to 3 currently. I find myself really wanting to wrap up the characters of each army I have, and get them onto the field. Mephiston, Creed, and Vect. I am practically foaming at the mouth for my next game, and the havoc that the 3 of them can wreck. Of them, I wonder which is the best; Mephiston or Vect in close combat, and which one would win if they faced each other. I want to face hard core characters, and be part of their epic clashes.

I can't in my memory remember two expensive characters hitting each other's units in close combat. I am dying to do it, but often it just doesn't happen. When Vect shows his head, it's often amusing to see every heavy weapon on the field turn and fire at him. It can be rather rough to get around on the field. I am sure other people have similar issues.

So my question is then, which characters are you using, or see people using? Any epic character clashes?

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