The rumor mill is in full force atm. We are looking at some very exciting possible releases this summer. Our "Summer of Fliers" looks to include apoc style rules with strafing and bombing runs. Also included are many other releases include a little bit for everyone.
The latest rumors come from Stickmonkey on Warseer. Like always take with a grain of salt.

SM here, I debated posting anything, but some others have persuaded me. I have just a few things for the rumored summer of fliers I first mentioned here.

Still rumored as July wd rule set
Apoc style rules, strafing/bombing runs, rapid insertion/extraction, special missions, dogfighting?
Thunder hawk is NOT likely

Codex based releases...
Dark eldar raven
Eldar night wing?
Ig hydra
Nid harpy

Non codex releases...
Ig thunderbolt
Csm hell blade
Tau remora
No necron release?
Ork fighta/bomma
No SM release?

Suspected non codex releases will only be rules...models already FW...
Necrons may get something with their codex.
Raven/night wing likely to be combined kit.

So that's pretty limited, 3 kits and wd rules. But it sounds like it's in the typical wheelhouse. Probably disappointing news to many, but in light of some of the other speculation running I decided to put some info out.

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