There are a lot of rumors floating around, including in depth discussions about what people want to see, what they are expecting, and a little about what actually might be there. We all know that the we will be seeing the Grey Knight codex in April, but the latest actually sets the date.

These rumors presented by stinger 989 as posted on Warseer. They are not edited, so take them as is with a grain of salt. I will let you decide the validity of them.

The release date is April 2nd

They will not get bogged down and there is two versions of the dredknight as i have read the first option will run ya xxxpts with a gatling psycannon (heavy 12), and a heavy incinerator gun (fires like a hellhound) and its armed with two dred cca. the second is a dred same as above but also armed with a jump jet which will run xxxpts and can move 12" then once per game it can boost to move 30" but may not assault afterwards.

as reguarding the rumors with upping the armor value that is not going to happen although there is a power that allows the vehicle to negate crew stunned and crew shaken.

there are no more stormtroopers in the codex except for as a inquisitorial henchmen. There is a way to get 2 wound terminators as troops in the codex rocking a 4++ and all basic grey knight troops come with a storm bolter and nemesis force weapon that counds as a power weapon but no bouns to strength and are all psy.

two psy powers they can use
hammerhand- justicar doubbles strength after modifications so is str 10
?- forget the name but test as a squad and then their storm bolters become str 5 for the turn.

they are going to be an elite army but if you run all troops you can get 60+ in a 2000pt list so really not that shabby.

there is ways to move units around for the FOC and other simillar shenanigans.

henchman squad is maxed out at 12

yep cortez can make henchmen troops, so you can get stormtroopers but they are now bs3 and not nearly as good. crusaders with a marine cost and coming with a pw and ss is much more attractive.

the other real winner for henchmen are the humans that come with bolters for 5pts or storm bolters for 7pts at bs

other troops are the palidan termies with 2 wounds and a 5++ and can get fnp with the apothicary

pergitor squads with all the extra special weapons can become troops too.

vindicar assassin is 0-3 and have the special rounds that are quite nasty
4d6+rend vs. armor
wound on a 2+
take inv save away for the rest of the game
loses his night fight rule but still has stealth.

psy cannons are str 7 with rending
drednight with gattiling psy cannon is only str 5 but 12 shots.

the palidan termies do not have EW.

some weapons that are new for the gk
sword that grants +2 str
halbriad that grants +2 int
one more but don't remember.

playtesting the gk the army with full squads of crusader humans and assassins in a crusader will wipe most things in one assault phase, which i can see lots of people taking. I can also see lots of people running the bolter/SB spam since they are dirt cheep.

the basic grey knights top out at xx pts little more for the justicar

there are transports for the henchmen granted you can fit them in.

gk army has access to landraiders, rhinos, stormravens, and the chimera.

stern- beleive has a ss but have not read to him yet.\

the callidus assassin got better as when she/he appears it does d6 wounds to the unit that is ap 1/2 dont remember, then can shoot the flamer then assault as normal.

normal gk dont have access to meltas. meltas are a rare occurence in the codex.

cortez-the inquisitor if my memory serves me right has a power that makes all henchmen units get a power that makes all deamons re-roll inv saves if within 6" of the unit so deamons are gonna have a very tough time vs gk

well the vindicar did go to bs 8 so there is gonna be little missing there

reguarding the upgraded weapons in the codex, not sure on what type they are just know that one upps the str and one upps the int.

basic grey knights have force weapons and can be modeled how you want but are only str 4 now.

The vindicare does retain his ability to Target models inside units.

I'm only trying to spread the wealth of the codex. its up to you if you want to believe me or not. I don't need to say anything but as an avid gamer as I am I know how nice it is to find things out about a codex before a release. Hopefully when it come time you will see that I'm not just guessing and giving facts.

Animus Speculum: The animus speculum has the following profile. For every psyker within 12" of the Culexus Assassin, add +1 to the animus speculum’s Assault value (ie, Assault 2 becomes Assault 3 if there is one psyker within 12").

Range: xx" Strength: 5 AP: 1 Assault 2

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