We have all heard the rumors, "The Stormraven will be able to be used for all Space Marines." This rumor has been floating around for quite some time and was also hinting that upon its release we were looking to a white dwarf article to get these special rules.

Well, the answer is in. It is already in Black and White. Previews of the February White Dwarf have already been read, and the answer is no. Other Space marine chapters will not be getting special white dwarf rules to allow the use of a Stormraven in their armies. Not even a 0-1.

Here is the quote from Bramgaunt on Warseer who has read the new article

Just skimmed through feb WD.
There are NO rules for the Stormraven to use it in other armies. The complete rules, however, are in the WD - including pointcosts, special rules, options, but no sentence that you may use it in another army than GK and Blood Angels. Punchline, all that is missing ist the wording "the Sr is a heavy support choice for all SM Armies" The Hobbyarticle states the SR to be a Space Marine vehicle.
Using the Storm Raven outside of Ba/Gk armies is therefor a gentlemens agreement.

This pretty much settles the big question everyone was hinging on. However, I want to put in both a comment " I haven't seen the article yet so something could of been missed", and all the rumors of 2011 point towards a "Summer of Fliers" that could include a white dwarf stating that stormravens can be used in all codexes.

So while it is pretty much settled, it is by no means the end of the story. Do not get your hopes up, but there is a chance.

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