Disasters strike, and when they do it can change the lives of those that go through them for years. Queensland Flood Relief (40k Style) is in full effect. Sons of Taurus posted earlier today of a relief effort under way by deepstrike radio. It is a worthy cause, and figured I would help to get the word out. Here is a link to his site Sons of Taurus. Please go there for further information on how you can help the releif efforts and link up with Deepstrike Radio who is heading this project.


  1. The direct link is:


    They also discuss it during the opening part of the show (episode 7).

  2. As someone in Rockhampton (where the floodwaters exitted) I thank you for this!
    It means a lot to us Qld'rs.

    As a side note, personally saw no damage/etc which was handy.
    The flood has gone down, but we just got 3 inches of rain in 20 minutes, so now some localised flash flooding (including my office, I am soaked to the core as I type this :( )

    Once again, dig deep guys. There are people out there hurting. I have done my bit locally, let's see if we can't make a difference.


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