With Grey Knights now officially just around the corner, there is a little bit of information floating around the blogospheres tonight. While most of it is not new information, and some of it we could speculate ourselves with the release of a new codex, some info is better than none.

While I have been out on the game tables all evening with my Dark Eldar, it was nice to come home to a little news. As always take with a grain of salt. Thanks to Stickmonkey for tossing us a few bits tonight.

1. Expect a new codex which expands the fluff greatly.

2. Expect plastic Terminator GKs, in scale and compatiable with current plastic Teminators

3. Expect plastic power armor sized GKs, whether this armor is actually aegis, annointer, artificer, etc is a mute point, they will be in scale and compatible with all other standard sized marines

4. Expect new sculpts of existing metal character minis

5. Expect a few "new" plastic kits and metal blisters (for the specific rumored kits see the numerous other threads, I'm not going to reveal anything specific here)

6. This will be a wave release, not all of the units of the codex will be represented by models in the release or current ranges

7. IMHO, the models are some of the best sculpts I've ever seen out of GW.



  1. Honestly, I have a feeling Stickmonkey is just trying to make himself more reputable with some obvious and waay too general information after he reported some false rumors a couple times.

    1-6 are all general things that anyone could say without knowing anything about this release or that it was even announced.

    Number 7 is an opinion that could just be made up completely. Without even seeing them, I could also say that.

  2. Yea, I thats what I was thinking, but grey knight players really like any information. At least I would.

    He also took a slight hit in his reputation with the So-called delay. I removed that drama part of his post.


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