When last discussing the latest rumor from Blood of Kittens, more information has come out expanding upon Grey Knight psychic powers.

Just to set the baseline, this was from Blood of Kittens a few days ago

"The Grey Knights are getting a new unit or they are getting an upgrade that causes an automatic hit to any enemy model in base-to-base with them. This hit wounds on a 4+ regardless of enemies toughness with normal saves allowed and occurs before ALL attacks (think old mandiblasters), but still adds to combat resolution at the end of combat."

Here is more information on these powers

Expanded Information
Originally by Katie Drake via AgeOfEgos

The power mentioned is (I think) the new Holocaust. How I was told that it works is as follows:

Lets say we have a unit of 20 Gaunts charging some Grey Knights. One of the Knights has the Holocaust power. After assault moves are done but before attacks are resolved, the Grey Knight passes his psychic test to use Holocaust. Each model in the enemy unit is hit once by an attack that always wounds on a 4+ and allows normal armor saves.

What that basically means is that before anyone gets to swing, the Knights can blow through half of a unit that has a poor armor save. In the above example, we're looking at 9 dead Gaunts most likely - and that's before the Knights attack.

 I've heard stuff about Hammerhand. Basically, it's cast in the assault phase, and the casting unit gains +1S until the end of the turn which is awfully nice when everyone's packing a force weapon.

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