Now this is one of the models I have been waiting for. I have two of the old metal (I weigh a ton) Furioso's. It's very nice to see some close ups with the librarian forceweapon options on them. There are going to be some very beautiful models made once these arrive. Following is a four close ups of the new sprues.

The opening pic is a couple of mine with a Magna-Grapples, however, please note that mine are not done yet. They've been sitting on the shelves for some time.


  1. Awesome. I like the force weapon, and I guess it'll be set up to be grasped by talons instead of built in. Three sarcophagi fronts is great. Guess when they don't need to add a bunch of weapon arms they have space for extras like that!

  2. Is that the magna grapple from the sprue? cos all of the other pics i've seen have a kind of big twin linked thingy on the top of the head, that people are claiming is the magna grapple. they both kinda look the part in different ways, and theres nothing else in the army list they could represent. strange...


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