Just sitting back and doing some modeling tonight, wondering if I will ever create that masterpiece, or just be forever doomed to draw blood on just about every available fingertip. I am currently working on my raiders and venoms, since they are in large a big part of my army. While I won't be posting any of my pictures tonight, I figured I would post some recent models that are a little more inspiring than my own work.

So something I have always wondered. When you are modeling outside of a in-store enviroment, what do you do? Listen to music? What kind if you do. Audio books are another good idea, but I have yet to capitalize on these.


  1. Audio books and podcasts are the best as they are relevant to what you're painting which helps the motivation IMO.

  2. Man I love that Baal Pred!

    I've settled in for the long run with the 11th company podcast, it's about the only one I've found I can listen to and look forward to from week to week (and go back and listen to episodes from days gone).

    Other than that I chuck on dubstep or experimental 'beats' based records/albums and radio streams. Or put the sports channels on TV in the background as you don't really have to pay any specific attention to what is going on, but when you want a break it's easy to come and go.

    Never painted in store, barely even go to a store save for buying new paint.

    What about you?

  3. I either usually put music on. Put my collection either on random play, or sit back and listen to either Rammstein, or System of a Down in the background. Depending other groups may be PJ Harvey, Evanescence, or Floater.

    Other than that I have tried podcasts, but I generally run out of them. I have not found the 11th company podcasts yet, will do a search.

  4. I whack on an action film with a good soundtrack and not too much plot. Thataway I can enjoy watching something while I'm waiting for paints to dry but don't end up forgetting to paint as I film watch (avoid subtitled films!) :P Music and audio books are also a plan!

  5. Music. VNV Nation, Fish, Jack Johnson etc. Electronica or easy listening. Anything lyric filled.


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