There were some added details about what the Sisters of Battle models are currently looking like. This the updated compiled version of what Stickmonkey posted today. With all the questions we were left with, it was nice to see a few more details.

via stickmonkey today:
Part 1
I got to get a good look at a new protoype basic sister, and I'm hoping one of our other sources can sneak a picture out once they see it. The reason is, this sister has a "veil". Words cannot describe...the detailing is phenomenal. The veil is a separate piece, but it looks gorgeous. If they can get this right in molding the sisters wave will be beautiful models. If you've seen this one, you know what I mean... I begged to take a photo for here, but no luck.

The model maintains the existing armor styling, but with more filigree. Little details like lace boot tops, small details in the armor. Look at the evolution of daemonettes to wyches, and think what the next step would be.

The bolters however are now streamlined, they are not the marine bolter we've known and loved, but still recognizable. Feminine.

I know I'm getting folks worked up, but sisters are still a long way off, it will be a long wait. So temper any enthusiasm.

Part 2
The lace, is not laces, its lace around the top of the boot. at the knee. the model has like a pirate style boot and the lace is around the top edge..or thats my take away of what it was.

The bolter is still most certainly a bolter, but look at the existing line, the bolters are disproportioned...especially the bolt the models. the new ones are much more like the AoBR SM bolters. With straps, etc. and are separate pieces from arms. they "look" slighty thinner than a SM bolter and have a different shape to the over all gun, but they are not "Girly" i did not have a SM handy to compare directly, so it could just be impression. Also, they have abandoned the banana clip completely it seems.

the veil covered the whole head, its an alternate to the helmet, the face piece is just separate. think cobra commander vs vera wang wedding.

the torso has small details in the corset, i think skulls.

the tabard between the legs had flur de lis details.

there are "sleeves" similar to the image on 19 of the current WH book. similar, but not identical.

I'll reiterate this is a prototype though, not what has necessarily been approved. But as a beta stage model, i really like it, and I think a teaser of it would really build up excitement...hint hint GW overlords... Maybe wait til closer to release...

Overall when i see the current sisters their are very "bulky" these new ones are very graceful, but in a brutal way. the poses are much more dynamic and agressive. not everyone has their feet planted shoulder width apart torso straight on to their opponents....

I was told there will be numerous head options for the sisters, in the way theyve been doing all releases, but the "bob cut" is the preferred hairstyle.

I'm also told sisters repentia, priests, celestians, and seraphim will get new models with seraphim likely to adopt jump packs similar to the sanguinary guard...though I saw no evidence of this. No word on arco flaggelants.

Penitent engine is getting reworked as well.

And of course you saw my Jan rumor post. To provide a clue, Dominion squads.

Inq forces should all be updated by the GK release, so no news there for SoB, but they are expected to be present in the codex.

I also know of a few more "new" units that are being developed.


  1. this news makes me giddy. Sisters of Battle are my favorite 40k army, and I was really getting tired of them getting neglected.

    Thanks again for the good news!

  2. Just hearing rumors of the detail going into these models is enough for me.

    I have been very impressed with Games Workshop in 5th edition. Codex's are top quality, the new models are fantastic. Every release leaves me wanting for the latest army. As of yet, no other game has been able to bring that.

  3. Aye, I agree with you there. Once they get all of the Codecies updated, it's going to be a really nice oiled machine.

  4. Oooo this is marvellous news! :D Last thing I heard from my local shop (not a true gw shop but still, mostly gw stuff) was that they were planning to DROP the witch hunters and SoB, which I got incredibly disappointed at... So this is really great news! :D I like the pic... It'll be really interesting to see how the result turns out!

    I'm a bit annoyed at the choice of haircut... Seriously, the traditional SoB bob is THE most unpractical haircut EVER for fighting. The hair is just long enough to get in the eyes while moving around and not long enough to get up in a ponytail. Horribly irritating. :/ (And no, it's not even pretty!)

  5. About bloody time.

    If they can get the proportions right and the head/face right, the models will be a big seller and reignite people for Sisters armies.

    GW's past performance in female sculpts has been very spotty. The current models are pretty sad and look like butch old ladies, not the kittens with whips they should be.

  6. Do we know when the new SoB will come?
    i'm about to start a new army and i always loved SoB i mean warrior priestess cmon??

  7. We do not know exactly. Vague rumors have the following codex release order.
    Grey Knight
    Sisters of Battle

    That would put a sisters codex early 2012

  8. I don't really like some of these rumours regarding the new models. Smaller boltguns, "laces", loss of bulk ... ugh. The Sisters of Battle are heavily armoured warriors, not eyecandy girls. Makes me worry they may even end up adding high heels to their boots.

    SoB equipment is supposed to be equal to what the Marines use. If you make it smaller this will become hard to believe.

  9. Anonymous, the "loss of bulk" is hopefully just a good thing, not making them lesser warriors... I mean, as it is now it's almost impossible to modify the SoB models, as they are so very compact and almost nothing sticks out. I'd love to be able to change things like arm positioning, or switch heads, or change weapons and so on... and hopefully the new models will allow one to do just that!

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